Loser becomes engaged to Loser.

As I was doing my usual early morning headline searching, I discovered that former Miss California Carrie Prejean has become engaged to the St. Louis Ram's quarterback, Kyle Boller. Here is the article from CBS News.

Carrie Prejean is best known for defending her beliefs regarding same-sex marriage in the 2009 Miss America Pagent. The video can be seen right here.

Even though she was shot down by the mainstream media for voicing her opinion to same-sex marriage to openly gay judge, Perez Hilton, I always defended Prejean even though my personal standpoints conflict with hers on the issue. Believe it or not, I'm actually a down-the-middle guy when it comes to politics. I defended her numerous times on-air, and I did my best to argue her side of the story, until this.

Carrie, it doesn't matter how much anybody defends you if you can't defend yourself. I immediately lost respect for Prejean, and I no longer continued trying to represent her. CNN later reported that Prejean had appeared in a sex tape when she was seventeen which was made for her boyfriend. Carrie's publicity immediately took a downfall, and millions of young girls who idolized her were let down. In my book, she is a loser.

And then there is Kyle Boller.

Boller barely has a passer rating over 70, and for those of you who aren't football fans, that is LOW. Not to mention the fact that he plays for the St. Louis Rams, better known as the worst team in the NFL in 2009 with an overall record of 1-15. And now he is marrying Prejean. Loser.

I'm not sure who got the better end of this marriage, but the two seem perfect for each other.


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