Some Things I Just Don't Understand

Just before 10a.m. this morning, a small plane flew into an IRS buildng in Austin, Texas. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about planes flying into buildngs? My thoughts exactly. But notice what the Fox News anchor says in the last five seconds of this video.

I'm not blaming the anchor for what she reported because she was given the information by the FBI, but I am pointing the finger of blame towards the FBI.

Just a little information on the background of the pilot: His name is Joseph Stack. He was a software engineer, and he has had many run-ins with the IRS over the years. According to California state records, he has had two software companies suspended by California tax boards. The first occured in the late 1980's and the second in 2001.

As the news broke this morning of the plane crash, all network news stations reported they did NOT believe this was an act of terrorism, as seen in the video posted above. However, once the investigation began, police discovered Stack's suicide note in which he describes his hatred towards the government and the IRS.

I don't understand many things, but in this particular story there are two things I don't understand: why anybody would fly intentionally crash a plane into a building with intentions of killing others, and secondly why the FBI released this is not an act of terror.

Mirriam-Webster defines "terrorism as "the systematic use of terror especially by means of coercion." This crazy man deliberately tried to send a political message against the IRS, and the FBI says this is not an act of terrorism? His INTENTIONAL act of sending a political message is NOT an act of terrorism? The man clearly had a motive, and he definitely got his point across. That being said, I believe his motive was achieved.

I can't proclaim myself as a fan of the IRS, but I would never consider ending lives of those who work for it. Even though I do believe the IRS is a flawed organization, I don't believe the people who are employed by it are genuinely evil people.

I don't understand why anyone would do such a malicious act, nor why the FBI says his actions were not acts of terror. Some things I just don't understand.


Josh Wilson said...

Well terror is denoted an instance or cause of intense fear or anxiety; quality of causing terror. I'm appalled at this reckless act but no I'm not terrified. Terrorists are feared because they have a sufficient and sometimes political backing. As with the 9/11 attacks, Al Qaeda had backing with bin Laden and his subordinate groups. This single man, had the backing of his pilot's seat. Period. He was not funded, he was not recruited by crime lords, he is just another Joe Blow whose paid his last tax. Sure remnants of 9/11 pandemonia may have arisen in some peoples chest but there was not a sufficient threat level because I didnt know about it until I read your facebook status. So I do not believe this was an act of terror. It was simply an intensified, suicidal, act of vandalism.

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